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North Stradbroke Island Information

 We all know that Australia is a large island-continent in the south Pacific Ocean, and we’re acquainted with Tasmania, this small island south of Australia. But besides this, thousands of understated islands abound around Oz, like playful little children that have gone astray from their mother.

 This is what I thought about when I see the pictures of North Stradbroke Island, an island 30km southeast of the Queensland Capital, Brisbane. Literally true to what I have mentioned beforehand, it is one island that has drifted from its other half, South Stradbroke Island, more than a century ago. The Jumpinpin Channel now separates the two Stradbrokes.

As we get acquainted with little Straddie – as Aussies have fondly nicknamed North Stradbroke Island – as one playful piece of nature, let that perception remain as we consider Straddie as one place we ought to visit.

 Although the population of North Stradbroke Island is small, it booms during the holiday season. This is one proof of the tourism activities and attractions this place offers. From Cleveland, Brisbane, a ferry can take you to Straddie, since no bridge connects it to the mainland. This factor, perhaps, gives the island that mystified beauty that cannot be felt anymore in more populous and easily accessible tourist destinations.

 From there, you can experience that moment when the power of nature overwhelms you with its magnificence. Consider the waves that come crashing on the jagged rocks that rise into rugged mountains, or the majestic whales and dolphins cavorting in a natural symphony of the waves, and you will realize how such grandeur makes you feel like a tiny spot lost in all of this islands natural beauty.

 Unfortunately, the power of speech does not capture all of this imagery, for such can be enjoyed only once you’ve visited North Stradbroke Island, or Straddie, for yourself.

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